bad sects

Remix Winners Announced!

Grand Prize Winner :
Bad Sects (A Crude Mechanical) - A Crude Mechanical

Runner Ups:
More Bad Sects - EzScene (mp3)
Rough Sects - Plus Move Does Cursive (mp3)
Bad Sects (Jameson Whiskey Mix) - Optronix (mp3)
Bad Sects (OCELOT rmx) - OCELOT (mp3)
Bad Sects (Crane Style Remix) - Matt Crane (mp3)

Thanks for all the amazing entries. You can stream to the winning remixes HERE.


Welcome to the Bad Sects remix site. This site provides separated tracks for the song "Bad Sects" from Cursive's new CD/LP Happy Hollow. These tracks can be used to create your own remix of the song which can be submitted in the Bad Sects Remix Contest. The deadline to enter the contest is January 31, 2007.

Cursive will listen to all of the submitted remixes and post some of their favorites HERE. In early 2007, we will announce the winners of the contest. Prizes for the contest are:

1 Grand Prize:
The winning remix will be used as a b-side on a future Cursive single. Winner will also receive a Cursive prize pack including a poster signed by the band, t-shirt, buttons, stickers and the complete Cursive catalog on CD.

5 Runners up:
5 Runners up will receive the Cursive prize pack.


* Outside of the separated tracks available for download, submitted remixes must only contain elements created by the remixer or elements that are legally usable. For example, feel free to write your own drum beats or hot guitar lick, but don't use any of the fine work from your "Back in Black" CD in the remix. Creative Commons has information on how to find audio tracks others have created for use in remixes.

* All mp3 submissions may be posted on the Bad Sects remix site, the Saddle Creek website, and/or If you would like your name posted as something other than the account name you registered under, please note that when submitting your remix.

* For remixes done in WAV format, keep a copy of all files and the final remix. In the event that Cursive and Saddle Creek would like to use the remix for something beyond the remix site, we will contact you at the email address you registered with.

* Mp3 versions of the remixes must be submitted via email by January 31, 2007 to be eligible for the contest. We will reply to the email stating that we have received your remix.

* Please email us any questions or comments regarding the remix site.

bad sects

Bad Sects

Track Listing
01 Bad Sects (album version)
02 Bad Sects (instrumental)
03 Bad Sects (A Crude Mechanical)
04 Bad Sects (String Quartet)
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happy hollow

Happy Hollow

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